Amouranth harshly attacks Twitter because it censors creatives

Amouranth harshly attacks Twitter because it censors creatives

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is undoubtedly one of the most famous personalities, talked about and discussed on the web, with the content creator who has ended up at the center of some controversy several times due to a whole series of rather questionable behaviors that the girl has decided to make her own.

Amouranth harshly attacks Twitter, accusing the platform of censoring creatives through a variety of limitations

And after the girl has decided to reveal (once again) what the secret of her disruptive success, the web star carried out a new direct attack on Twitter stating that the platform severely limits her freedom of expression (and consequently also that of other creatives) censoring her continuously the contents that she usually publishes through its official channel.

Amouranth then literally blurted out for repeated requests from Twitter which asks her to change the default settings of her account, given the many contents aimed at a mature audience that the American entrepreneur shares repeatedly.

Below you can then read an excerpt of the allegations that Amouranth launched against the above platform:

“Asking someone to change the default settings is an act of censorship. In fact, in this way certain contents are favored and this makes a HUGE difference. Also yes, I can say that I use the default settings on this profile because I want to understand what is being censored and what is not, but if I use it for a long time or there is too much retweet, then the performance of my account is limited.

I repeat, I do all this for a living. I have researched this issue thoroughly and understood the impact of the default settings. On the other hand, Internet Explorer has maintained a monstrous market share for decades because it was the default setting, and why do you think Google pays Apple tens of billions of dollars a year?”.

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