Ambrose, the new book by Fabio Carta that pays homage to the cyberpunk genre

Ambrose, the new book by Fabio Carta that pays homage to the cyberpunk genre

  • The new book by the Italian writer offers a precious tale set in the cyberpunk genre.

These days we have returned to talk with some insistence about Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to the triumphal launch of the animated series Edgerunners and given this fact we have decided to report in this article Ambrose a book that could be nothing short of spot on for all fans of the genre cyberpunk!

Ambrose throws you into a fascinating and compelling cyberpunk world

In fact, for those unfamiliar with him, this book is written directly by a well-known Italian author, fabio letterand catapult all readers into a world set in a despotic future, where the war is literally tearing apart all the good that the human being has managed to achieve over the centuries.

Without anticipating anything really important, in the next World War described in Ambrosethe soldiers will be mere tools at the disposal of private agencies and corporations, controlled directly from a distance by none other than other soldiers.

And in this context, where a human body is treated as a simple instrument of war, a lethal weapon with which to kill other human beings, fabio letter allows us to follow the events of Auxiliary Controllera soldier intent on surviving as he tries to overcome all the inner dramas that tear him apart more and more, digging deeper and deeper day after day.

And these thoughts, which the writer claims to be “provoked by the alienation of his eccentric affections and by the ambiguous motivations underlying his enrollment“, Make none other than yours come to the surface consciousness (or his folly).

“And this voice has a nice character: shrewd, pungent. He even has a name: Ambrose. “

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