Do you want to get exclusive items in Blox Fruits? The Valentine’s Shop event offers several limited-time items to help boost your game. Our guide will help you locate all of the Valentine’s Shop locations across all seas, so you can can get those special items before they disappear.

Valentine’s Store Locations on All Seas

The Valentine’s Shop has different locations across the seas from Blox Fruits. Depending on your progress in the game, you will want to know the store location for that specific sea event. Below we have listed the location of Valentine’s stores across all seas.

Location of the Valentine’s store on the first sea.

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You can find the Valentine’s Shop in Middle Town on the First Sea. Once in the town, head towards the center and look for the large fountain. The Valentine Shop NPC stands near the left side of this fountain and you will easily spot it.

Location of the Valentine’s store on the second sea.

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You need to go to the Kingdom of Rose to find Valentine’s shop in the second sea. After reaching the kingdom, find the cafe, a yellow building on the other side of the large wall in the middle. You’ll find the Valentine’s Shop NPC on the left side of the cafe.

Valentine’s Store location on the Third Sea.

Location of the Valentines Shop in the Third Sea

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Finally, you can find the Valentine’s Shop in Castle on the Sea on the Third Sea. It’s the island in the middle of the sea and it’s the go-to place for a lot of things. Once you’re here, head to the castle entrance and you’ll see the Valentine’s Shop NPC standing outside the entrance.

Valentine’s shop all exclusive items.

The Valentine’s Shop sells exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere in the game. You need to hurry and get the required number of hearts for these items before the event ends. Here’s the list of exclusive Valentine’s Day shop items and the best picks to buy them.

  • cupid coat – 750 Hearts
  • heart tones – 750 Hearts
  • Aura light pink color – 1000 hearts


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