World of Warcraft: The main hub of Dragonflight in Dragon Isles is a town called Valdrakken. While most town centers are relatively compact, Valdrakken is huge and full of useful things to find. There is a barber, a bank, a professional lodge and even an auction house. Players looking to learn a class or test their DPS, survivability, and healing can also turn to the MMO’s helpful punch bags, Target Dummy. All major cities have them, and Valdrakken is no exception. If you want to find target dummies in Valdrakken, we can show you where to go.

Where are the Valdrakken target dummies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

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Valdrakken’s target dummies can be found on the west side of town inside a building called the Gladiator’s Refuge. The entrance is located in front of the Obsidian Enclave at coordinates (X:41, Y:44). The building has a long hallway that extends into a large open circular room and also houses many of the expansion’s PvP vendors. Players also come here to upgrade their gear through conquest or bravery.

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Target dummies are scattered around this room. On the left side of the room, you can find single-target dummies to test out healing, tanking, and single-target DPS. On the right side of the room, there are target dummies in a group to test damage, healing, and tanking multiple targets. There are also dummies that allow you to test your damage in PvP scenarios here.

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DPS target dummies are the most used, as they allow you to hit them to learn rotations and damage variations without annoying mechanics or hitting back. Tank target dummies will fire back, allowing you to practice your mitigation and survivability. Healing target dummies are at low health thresholds so you can heal them at will to test rotations and healing performance.


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