Age of Empires 4: New free content is coming, including fan favorite from AoE 2

Age of Empires 4: New free content is coming, including fan favorite from AoE 2

The real-time battles will not be less: next year the fourth season of Age of Empires 4 will be released and will bring a lot of new content with it. Age of Empires 2 fans are in for a treat, as a popular game mode is making a comeback.

The developers have now announced what exactly fans can expect on their website. We’re summarizing it all for you here, but to get you in the strategic spirit first, check out the Anniversary Edition trailer below:

Age of Empires 4: All the innovations of the Anniversary Edition in the trailer

All information about Season 4

When is the release? The fourth major update for AoE4 is scheduled to be released in February 2023, and the update preview is scheduled to begin in January.

What’s in it? Age of Empires 4 fans can look forward to winter when the popular Nomad game mode returns. You don’t start with a village center, but with a few distributed villages, which makes the game start much slower. But that’s not all, of course, all other innovations can be found here in quick succession:

  • Landscapes can be improved: The initially chosen landscape cannot be changed during the game, but the less used areas will now get “unique features” during the game. Which landscapes can be changed and how is to be communicated in the future.
  • New maps and a biome: Age 4 will again be equipped with new maps, but a special biome exclusively for the season has also been announced.
  • 1v1 und Team Ranked: More details have not yet been communicated, but the points can already be read on the official roadmap.

You can also see what’s coming up and when in the roadmap.

  • Improved Mod UI: The user interface for all kinds of mods should be made clearer and simpler.
    Less Chat Delay: The chat messages in multiplayer still drag a little until they reach the desired player. That should change in Season 4.
  • Other UI changes: The user interface will change a bit, revamping the minimap and the interface for stationed units. You can choose how big the map is on screen in February, and the Garrison interface allows you to examine the building info panel while units are stationed there.
  • Other innovations: There are also a few balancing changes, bug fixes, ranked rewards and a new event coming your way. By the way, an Age of Empires for mobile devices is also being worked on:
    What happens after Season 4?

Even after February, you can look forward to more content for Age of Empires 4. More seasons and events are to follow, maps, biomes and game modes are to be published and the caster mode is also to be improved. AoE4 will also be coming to Xbox consoles next year.

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