Activision Solves Call of Duty and Overwatch 2 Registration Phone Issue

Activision Solves Call of Duty and Overwatch 2 Registration Phone Issue

Although it was not a chaotic situation, the Activision-Blizzard security system implemented in that required the registration of a cell phone per account did create some problems. Initially, the company’s expectation was to cover those who had a monthly rental plan, in order to prevent the indiscriminate use of numbers. However, those with a prepaid plan had a hard time signing up and playing but that is behind us.

Activision improves user registration and accounts in Call of Duty and Overwatch

The official Call of Duty and Overwatch Twitter accounts reported that with the update released today, November 18, phone registration will accept any phone regardless of whether the user has a rental or prepaid plan. With this change, players should no longer experience any problems when registering or linking their account with the online platform that handles these 2 franchises.

This measure was adopted from the current generation games and is intended to reduce the number of bots as well as act directly against toxic users or those who use software to take advantage illegitimately.

Accompanying the message related to the registration of phones with user accounts, Activision-Blizzard confirmed its commitment to security in the online experience, a problem that the industry has dealt with for years but that has a greater presence in the most popular games. popular.

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