A player created “the evil Albert Einstein” in Elden Ring

A player created “the evil Albert Einstein” in Elden Ring

A fan of elderberry ring created the ultimate mad scientist by designing his latest character for the hit title, featuring a version of Albert Einstein evil gaze.

As players continue to explore the vast action-RPG world of Middle-earth with its sometimes highly original character creations, the latest updates suggest the long-rumored DLC for Elden Ring may be coming sooner rather than later. .

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, an open-world reimagining of the Soulslike genre, took the world by storm when it released in early 2022. One of the best-selling games of 2022 worldwide and winner of numerous gaming awards of the year, Elden Ring has attracted so many fans of the iconic Dark Souls series as well as players new to the genre with its stark yet beautiful setting and satisfying combat.

About a year after the launch of this hit title, FromSoftware has announced that an Elden Ring Anniversary event will be livestreamed from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm at the end of this month.

Now, a new post on the r/Eldenring subreddit offers a hilarious example of the power of character creator Elden Ring, with user Volkornbrot_ sharing a screenshot of the evil version of famous scientist Albert Einstein he designed. for the game. game.

With his tousled hair and mustache and glowing, menacing red eyes, this custom character looks ready to take on the game’s toughest foes.

Thanks to the comprehensive character creation system included in FromSoftware’s action-RPG, players have managed to bring in everyone from Kratos from God of War to Walter White from Breaking Bad in Elden Ring.

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