In a few months, we will be watching the long-awaited film by The movie Super Mario Bros. in theaters but for now we just have to wait, as it opens April 7, 2023 in Latin America. Meanwhile, we just got a new ad during the Super Bowl and a new official page for the movie has been launched giving us some new plot details.

In August 2021, we announced that The Super Mario Bros. Movie would bring a character forgotten almost 40 years ago back to life, as at that time Sebastian Maniscalco had confirmed that he would give voice to Foreman Spike and be the boss of the Mario Brothers. Sebastian’s role in the movie was later confirmed and the new official site gives some details about his role.

As Sebastian Maniscalco came to say a year and a half ago, Foreman Spike will be the boss of the Mario Brothers, at least at the start of the film. An advertisement for the brothers’ plumbing service was released yesterday paying homage to the animated series, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and a Official site said service where we learn a little about the history of these brothers.

The brothers worked for Foreman Spike in the Super Mario Bros. movie.

In the “About Us” section of the SMB Plumbing page, we can read a presentation written by Mario, where he says that he and his brother Luigi were tired of dealing with “peak heads”, so they jumped on the opportunity to take care of Brooklyn’s plumbing problems themselves. According to this, at the start of the film, we would see Mario and Luigi working for Foreman Spike before starting their own company.

On the same Super Mario Bros Plumbing page that launched yesterday with the Super Bowl ad, we see a section for “testimonials“where one of them belongs to Foreman Spike, with username “SpikeIsCool”. In his one-star review, Spike says there is no loyalty to Mario and Luigi, as they used to work for him until they decided to leave to start their own business. “They’ll learn the lesson someday“Says Spike, which could indicate that he will be one of the antagonists of the film.

On the SMB Plumbing page, there’s also a five-star message left by who the Mario brothers’ mother would be, though we don’t know if we’ll see any other members of Mario and Luigi’s family in the film.

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