And this week the leaks have been very active, we had a few very relevant ones, like: the Halo Infinite maps, the release date for the more than expected, Dead Island 2, also New Tales from the Borderlands, they seem like a very common trend in these times.

Without downplaying so much information that leaks, something from the game is dropped in the first person, Hyena the new from the people of Sega and Creative Assembly, it is known that in order to polish and have feedback from the public, access to trial versions is given, which often results in the exposure of content.

Hyenas alpha test is leaked by a user, breaking confidentiality agreements and sharing videos and images

And it is that a user called Glitch3r, was the individual who broke confidentiality agreements in order to show us content that was not possible to reveal and perhaps gain some popularity in the process, but the quick action of Sega and Creative Assembly took the video down on well-known and high-traffic platforms by users.

And although this game is cataloged as a multiplayer in the first person and seems to distance itself from the latest developments of its creators, it seems that it will offer us a new and different game proposal, we just wait to find out if it has a place at Gamescom next week.

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