Delve into the gunpowder-filled, magical combat mechanics of the next action-RPG from the creators of Ashen !

Hello! I’m Derek Bradley, CEO of A44 Games and Creative Director on Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn , which is coming to Xbox early next year. It was a very exciting time to introduce our new game to the world earlier this year, now, I’m excited to share a first look at its gameplay.

Available later this year on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass the same day it launches! In case you missed it, today we premiered our latest trailer on the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Take a look!

As you could see in our video, Flintlock takes place in a completely unique RPG setting that brings together gunpowder fantasy and the black magic of ancient gods. The gods you’ll find in Flintlock were long considered to have abandoned humanity; however, they have unexpectedly returned, bringing with them hordes of the undead to wreak havoc on the world. Start your adventure with the survival of humanity at risk, that’s where Nor and Enki appear!

Nor, a member of the coalition army and who is on a personal quest for revenge, will bring with him the power of fire. As you could see in the trailer, Nor will have an arsenal of tools at his disposal in the game, from brutal melee weapons to explosive firearms. On the other hand, Enki is his trickster partner and will bring with her a wealth of magical abilities to aid in battle and a bit of chaos as well.

Nor, wh is a member of the Coalition army and on a personal quest of vengeance, brings the firepower.  You’ll have seen a glimpse at just a few of the arsenal of tools she will have at her disposal in the game, from brutal melee weapons to explosive firearms. Enki on the other hand, is her trickster companion and brings a whole host of magical abilities to assist in battle. And to cause some chaos!

Outside of combat, our new video also reveals the expansive open world we’re creating. Fight your way through anything from deep forests and coastal hideouts, to sandy trenches and towering cathedrals. Each site is teeming with life, there are a plethora of deadly creatures, enemies, and of course some kind-hearted allies that you will meet along the way.

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