10 Dead Live Service Games We Want To Revive

10 Dead Live Service Games We Want To Revive

Just because a game requires an always-online connection doesn’t mean it’ll always be there. The double-edged sword of a live service game is that it can disappear as quickly as it arrives. Today we’re going to look at ten games we’d like to see one last time.

dark spur

Picture via Maxis

You liked the SPORE video game but you would like to be able to fight these creatures with weapons? Darkspore was a weird game meant to reuse the resources of SPORE to create an action-oriented game and make SPORE a great adventure. It’s deeply disappointing that Maxis will never make another SPORE, but also deeply frustrating that there’s a whole side of the universe we can’t explore.

gate of dawn

Picture via EA

It’s easy to forget, but there was a time when the entire industry saw the success of League of Legends and sprang into action to build on it. Dawngate is on this list not because it was interesting, but because of Electronic Arts’ cruelty in killing the project, going from an open beta in May 2014 to being announced to be shut down in November of the same year.

deathverse let it die

Deathverse: Let Him Die

Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

Unfortunately, this game falls into the “you can still play it, but not for long” category, as it was announced in January that the game would “suspend service” in July. While there is hope that it can somehow bounce back, we have to cancel this gun-based battle royale for dead.

marvel hero

marvel hero

Image via Gazillion

Marvel Heroes was a Diablo-like action game that leveraged the sheer size of the Marvel Universe to create its unique hook: you were farming for other heroes. When the game was released in 2013, getting heroes was difficult for a free player. The Gazillion team has worked hard over the years to improve the game, even adding sidekicks to function as battle pets to make tough battles more manageable. In 2017, a long-awaited console port was finally released, but it would only stay online for four months as Disney secured backing for the project.


A pink-haired player in the Rumbleverse

Image via Epic Games

The good news is that you can still play the Rumbleverse for the rest of February, but the fact that it’s gone says nothing. Rumbleverse was a melee-focused battle royale game where you battled through skyscrapers and even on an island to be the last one standing. The melee combat turned the game into a fighting game and helped break down many barriers that players who only play casually.

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Star Wars Force Arena

dark Vador

Picture via Disney

Star Wars Force Arena was a mix of many mobile games; it combined the two-way strategy and tactics of Clash Royale with the hero character mechanics of the MOBA genre. The ability to synergize card games with hero powers made every game interesting. Its run from January 2017 to March 2019 is very respectable, but given that Star Wars is such a massive IP, it’s no surprise that it was shut down when the game was no longer generating significant revenue.

tekken revolution

tekken revolution screenshot

Image via Bandai Namco

Tekken Revolution is a game that only existed as a product of its time. The game, released in 2013, before PlayStation 4 and before Tekken 7, incorporated small RPG leveling elements as you earned XP to improve stats that lingered while you played. Although the free-to-play nature of the game wasn’t perfect, it removed the cost barrier of a fighting game. Bandi Namco continued to use this model for the Dead or Alive series, removing persistent progression and allowing you to purchase only the characters you want to use.

the online matrix

the online matrix

Image via Monolith Productions

This is the definition of ahead of its time. Matrix Online was intended to be a continuing branch of the Matrix universe. And since its closure in 2009, the internet has undergone massive changes. In a world where The Matrix Online was allowed to continue, Matrix sequels may have arrived sooner.

The mighty quest for epic loot

could seek

Picture via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot had something no other game on this list has: it got a second life. Originally released as Diablo with a Mario Maker twist, players attempted to build a dungeon strong enough to protect their loot, but then upgraded their own heroes to steal other loot, then used those rewards to create their base. . even more robust. The game would run in beta for most of 2014, see a full release in 2015, and shut down in October 2016. The mobile version would come to life in 2019 and become a one-handed mobile game that you could quickly enjoy. it would be available until September 2022. The game was never a huge success, but the community really supported it.

wild star

wild star screenshot

Image via Carbine Studios

Before WoW Classic existed, there was Wildstar. It’s a “paint by number” MMO with an impressive art style and a well-designed world. The main hook was that dedicated players could pay or possibly earn a premium membership. Wildstar was never the best MMO out there, but that doesn’t mean it had to die.


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