Fortnite season 5: the lever-action shotgun, our guide to the new weapon

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News tip Fortnite season 5: the lever-action shotgun, our guide to the new weapon

With the arrival of the latest update, Fortnite has decided to spice things up a bit by adding two additional new weapons to our games. Here we will take a closer look at one of these weapons, the Lever Action Shotgun.

A great vacuum after the disappearance of the specialized pump shotgun

To understand why the lever-action shotgun has just landed in our games, we have to take a leap back a few seasons, when Epic Games made a decision to remove the specialized shotgun from our games.

A decision highly criticized by players, judging that this shotgun which had very high damage, but a low rate of fire, was there to reward the best players. It is therefore in this spirit that the lever-action shotgun has just appeared.

A more balanced version than the specialized shotgun

Indeed, Epic Games wanted to keep what had made the success of this specialized pump shotgun, that is to say, reward talent, while tackling what was considered too strong on this pump shotgun. . So, don’t be surprised if you have similar feelings.

From a statistical standpoint, you’ll deal a little less damage with this lever-action shotgun, but have a bit more sustained rate of fire (0.95 vs. 0.7). The charger has also undergone some changes with an additional cartridge, but an extended recharge time of about 1.2 seconds.

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