Foreign citizen who arrived in the country from the United States tested negative for COVID-19

Foreign citizen who arrived in the country from the United States tested negative for COVID-19

Throughout 2018 the authorities have captured 201 ‘mules’ at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá. 

According to the health authorities of the city of Bogotá, the American passenger who arrived in the Colombian capital on a flight from the city of Houston, United States, with a positive result for covid-19, you just tested negative on the PCR test that was taken yesterdayAs soon as he admitted that he was infected with the disease.

According to the Caracol Noticias report, the individual, who had arrived in Colombia with a rapid test, which apparently confirmed the virus, He has already left the isolation and surveillance under which the Bogotá Health Secretariat and the port health authorities had him and you can continue with your schedule in the city.

Both organizations reiterated the call to refrain from traveling if there is a confirmed diagnosis or suspicion of contagion of the disease, both because of how dangerous it can be for the health of other passengers, but because of the possible social panic that the disease can generate. situation. The judicial process against the American citizen and the airline that allowed him to travel to the country remains.

This Wednesday, Migration Colombia confirmed that a foreign citizen infected with covid-19 had arrived at El Dorado International Airport on a flight from Houston, United States, despite the national government’s measure to request a negative PCR test to enter to this country.

As reported by the entity, During the sanitary control process, the man said he was sick and had a rapid coronavirus test with a positive result, with which they let him get on the plane and thus get to Colombia. Immediately, the passenger was isolated and the national authorities, as well as the airline, reported the situation.

“Indeed, in the early morning of yesterday (Wednesday), from the United States, apparently arrived a positive person for covid. Isolation procedures were started immediately and she was taken by protocols to health care where validation tests were carried out ”, confirmed the director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, as quoted by the FM.

The official assured that the man is isolated and must be subjected to a new coronavirus test to confirm the contagion and, in this way, start an investigative process against the airline and the passenger. “In the case of this foreigner, given his positive status, You cannot go to a normal hotel but you have to go to a place where you can continue to fulfill your isolation without putting other citizens at risk, ”said Espinosa, explaining why the foreigner could not be inadmissible in the country.

As reported by Blu Radio, the foreigner was coming from the United States on a United Airlines flight with 150 passengers. The official reported in an interview with W Radio on Thursday morning that An investigation will be started against the airline and abroad for having promoted a situation that put passengers and airport officials at risk.

The director assured that, as soon as the case was known “an investigation against the airline is generated and the administrative process against the passenger begins.”

“As we have already done on several occasions, copies were certified to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation. There is no right for a person to expose families, older adults, those of us who work in airports and on airplanes at their own will, ”Espinosa told the station.

What the director refers to is the situation that occurred last year when, on September 30, 3 passengers who came from different countries and infected with covid also entered the country. On that occasion, from Migration they also certified copies to the Attorney General’s Office to investigate travelers and airlines.

On the other hand, Espinosa assured the station that, In the last week, more than 39,000 travelers have arrived in the country, of which there have only been two positive cases of coronavirus. One was a traveler who came from Panama and the last was a passenger from the United States.

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, issued a new resolution last week regarding the request for PCR tests for travelers entering the country, taking into account the decision of the 11th administrative court of orality of the Bogotá circuit. Those arriving from abroad to Colombia by plane may enter the country without PCR testsYes, under the condition that they do it once they leave the airport and isolate themselves while they are notified of the results, Ruiz reported.

Under this measure, the Migration official assured the W that “We started the investigation phases to see if there was passenger deception”, Since the foreigner could only have entered the country with a negative test or stating that he did not have one; however, the man traveled with a positive test.


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