FOOTBALL Atleti takes off to Madrid

El Cholo played his five hundred game last night and celebrated it with victory. Short (1-0) but enough. The goal (great goal) was made by Luis Suárez, that gift out of the blue that came to Atleti this summer. A piece of nine that came free from Barça, where the holder of the position is now Braithwaite. Ten points separate the team that has Luis Suárez from that that has Braithwaite, and that Barça has played one more game. It was not a great game for Atleti, who ended up suffering. In Trippier’s absence, Cucurella took over the band. But whoever has a good nine has a treasure, and decided with a luxury headbutt in a laboratory move.

Luis Suárez’s goal gained in importance with Madrid’s subsequent draw in Elche, a puncture that interrupted a march of six consecutive league victories. Zidane repeated with those of the sprint except for the refreshment of two places, the left wing, which he entrusted to Marcelo and Asensio. The former contributed to the attack, but behind it was a strainer. Asensio was intermittent. From a shot of his, deflected by Edgar to the crossbar, came Madrid’s goal, with Modric heading the rebound. A goal that came relatively early, and that for the same reason he entrusted the madridistas ahead of time. They thought that the second would arrive alone, but no. The goal has to be worked on.

And more against Elche, a team well done. Almirón, who was missing yesterday due to COVID, has made a good team. It closed with order and it went well. Marcone gave a course. The team is missing a goal, but Carvajal made it easier for him with a penalty for a too long and visible grip that Fidel safely transformed. What followed was an exercise in Madrid’s impotence. Only Modric was really good, Benzema was off this time, Hazard came out at the end and did nothing, and the minutes slipped away from Madrid as he tried attacks without verve or wit. Deserved final draw, to the joy of Elche and Atlético.

Ben Oakley
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