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FIFA 21 Preview : All the Game News on Ps5 and Xbox Series X

We went to a talk with the EA Sports team where they explained to us the benefits of the first new generation FIFA on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
We went to a talk with the EA Sports team where they explained to us the benefits of the first new generation FIFA on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Finally differential know in depth the details of FIFA 21 in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S . The football saga par excellence makes the leap with a new version that, mainly, will benefit from the technical capabilities of the brand new systems to provide a more immersive experience closer to the real sport. More realistic faces of the players, a more lively stadium and more elaborate cinematic sequences in the run-up to the match are the main letter of introduction to the first step of the coming future of one of the games that arouses the most interest each season, both in Spain as in the rest of the world.

A few days ago we went to a virtual chat with EA Sports managers who gave us the main additions to this FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series. As an aperitif, we anticipate that the changes are more focused on the technical and even the cinematic.

Don’t expect a drastic change, as it is more of a transitional version to show the power of the new hardware in video games. Something logical considering that those who have the game on PS4 or Xbox One can upgrade to the new generation for free. Next season, more accountability will be possible.

In a way, this FIFA 21 can be taken as a technical demonstration of what the new consoles can do , keeping everything that has achieved that the license has millions of players each season. But there are also small subtle tweaks that those who want more realism will certainly appreciate; those details that make us smile.

While we were watching the presentation it came to mind that probably, from EA Sports they have been inspired a little by NBA 2K . Now, the pre-game sequences will help to ‘heat up the atmosphere’. We will see how the buses of the teams arrive or the fans cheering in the vicinity of the stadium and crossing the turnstiles to go to their seat. Even the players passing through the media area to go to the pitch.

One of the most emphasized aspects of the event was the public, which now fills the stands with color with a more realistic appearance, with almost each fan recreated individually. We see this in those who are sitting in the front rows, dressed in their team colors cheering non-stop and, of course, cheering. The audio will also influence and from EA Sports they have promised authentic songs, captured from the most important competitions in the world , specifically mentioning the Premier League, the Santander League and the Bundesliga. An experience that is close to today’s soccer broadcasts – if we ignore, of course, the health situation.

The setting, which is one of the main attractions of this new version, also benefits from LiveLight Rendering , a new delayed lighting system that helps increase the feeling of realism, with super detailed grass surfaces, as well as more realistic atmospheric effects . This is also helped by the dynamism that is now in the stands , which also expands with the substitutes or referees having new actions in the band that will make us feel like watching a real football game.

Already on the green, this revamped version of the Frostbite graphics engine will show the best players in the world with a more similar physical appearance than ever: the captures of Joao Félix, Alexander-Arnold or Mbappé serve as an example . A realism that will also be seen in small details that may go unnoticed unless viewed with a magnifying glass, such as the muscles of the footballers flex when hitting the ball , the hair responding to each movement or the ball ‘hollowing out’ with a strong kick. The players’ uniforms also move more naturally, in what they have termed as dynamic realism .

This will also have an impact on physical battles between players, with Real Player Motion technology . The physical struggles between players have been improved, both in the middle of the game and, above all, with set pieces. Thrusts, crashes and all those throws that we see every time someone is going to take a corner, with the aim of reaching the ball before the rival. Players now use more human contextual cues , reducing mechanical and robotic movement.

FIFA 21 next-gen also adds what they have called ” Humanization without the ball .” Thus, we will see players adjust their shin guards in the last minutes, a sign of fatigue, or we will even hear screams asking for the ball from a teammate. They also showed us examples of the reactions of both the stadium and the players to important goals. It is not the same to score in the 15th minute as in the 89th minute. With a goal in the last few moments (which Vinicius did not score of course), we saw how the Real Madrid players exploded with joy, forming a human mountain on the wing. that even Zidane , the white technician, joined . Those little details that make the experience feel more realistic.

Precisely, fatigue comes one of the most curious aspects of the presentation, although this time it is an addition that only PlayStation 5 users will perceive through the haptic vibration of the DualSense . From EA they promise that we will feel the impact of the shots, passes and even the tackles with the vibration responding to what happens on the pitch. There will also be add-ons for adaptive triggers, which will make us have to press the run button harder when a player is tired in the last minutes . So that we too notice the effort! There will also be direct access from the PS5 Activities to game modes such as Volta or FUT.

Last but not least, there will be a new type of camera created especially for the highest level players and those who want to enter the world of esports . It is a new approach that offers a more open perspective of the field of play , which will serve to keep control of the location of each of the players at all times and to better trace the strategy or intentions when making passes. In addition, in this way, we will feel more inside the stadium, with the reactions of the public.

As you can see, FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S aims to be a smooth transition that, although it does not offer playable additions, it will make us feel a more realistic football and serve as an example for what may come in the future with a more focused development on new systems. Now, all that remains is for the ball to roll on December 4 .

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