EXO's Chanyeol cheated on Ex-Girlfriend? All you need to know about the Controversy

EXO’s Chanyeol cheated on Ex-Girlfriend? All you need to know about the Controversy

EXO’s Chanyeol cheated on Ex-Girlfriend? All you need to know about the Controversy

K-Pop, which has carved a distinct identity around the world for the last few years and is a music genre liked by millions of people around the world, this particular music genre remains in big headlines most of the times, whether it is BTS making highest 24 hours views record on YouTube or Blackpink selling the most albums as Female Korean pop artists, K-Pop remains always in the news.

But this time K-Pop is not trending for some youtube record or album sales, but for an entirely different reason K-Pop is making headlines today.

Actually, one of the famous singers in the world of k-pop, whose name is Chanyeol, has been trending on social media since yesterday due to an accusation of cheating, and this has brought a tsunami in the world of k-pop.

Actually the thing is that, yesterday a girl who is telling herself to be Chanyeol’s ex- girlfriend, has revealed about Chanyeol in an online forum that while she was in a relationship with Chanyeol, Chanyeol had formed multiple relationships with other girls behind her back and cheated on her.

The girl who is from North Korea has kept her identity secret, but she has shared some photos of herself and Chanyeol, although she has blurred herself in photos to keep her identity secret.

The girl wrote in a post in an online forum that She got identified with Chanyeol in 2017, after that they started moving around and flirting and eventually dating each other. The girl has said that now that their relationship has completed 3 years, she has come to know about the real face of Chanyeol, how he tricked her for straight 3 years.

The girl wrote in her post that how Chanyeol used to mingle with other girls while she slept peacefully at night, in her 3-year relationship, Chanyeol used to have relationship with other girls behind her back and every time a new girl had a relationship with him.

The girl told that she heard about 10 other girls having a relationship with Chanyeol and she knew those girls too.

Taking the post further, the girl has written that Chanyeol, just after 2 days of their breakup, contacted her again and pleaded to give their relationship another chance, but the girl asked him about all the girls with whom Chanyeol had a relationship, but Chanyeol kept silence on them, and not only that, Chanyeol did not even refuse to recognize them, and the girl felt absolutely embarrassing about this, the girl told Chanyeol that He has absolutely no fear that he is such a big cheater.

The girl has told that she has hidden her and Chanyeol’s pictures and never told her close friends about this relationship, because if she did, her friends would tell everyone about them, and this could have become a problem for Chanyeol’s music career.

After finishing her post, the girl wrote that whenever she hears Chanyeol’s name, her heart aches, she wants the whole world to know how disgusting Chanyeol is.

The girl who has kept her identity a secret, from this post she has brought a tsunami in the whole K-Pop world, people are not able to understand that what she is saying is true or false.

When asked about this to Chanyeol’s record label SM Entertainment, they refused to say anything on this entire matter, saying that they would never give any statement over it.

Let us tell you that Chanyeol is a member of EXO boy band, which is a South Korean-Chinese boy band, he is the most liked member of EXO.