Zack Snyder talks about selling his DC Universe to Netflix

Zack Snyder talks about selling his DC Universe to Netflix

Would he sell the DC Universe to Netflix, as requested by fans? Zack Snyder breaks his silence and speaks for the first time about this request.
Zack Snyder has spoken out about selling his DC Universe to Netflix. While talking to The Film Junkee on YouTube, the architect of the defunct DCEU addressed the campaigns for Warner Bros. Discovery to sell the so-called SnyderVerse to the streaming platform. That way, he could continue his unfinished story.

The director has admitted that his leverage to be able to sell the former DC Universe to Netflix is very limited. Therefore, he does not have the ability to get involved in that process. “What’s probably surprising to find out is that my influence over those things is very small,” Zack Snyder acknowledged, after shrugging his shoulders. He has not denied, however, that if he could influence the decision, he would. That confirms the suspicions that he would be delighted to be able to finish his work with superheroes.

The director has acknowledged that he would want to continue with the SnyderVerse.

“The truth is that it would be amazing to sell the DC Universe to Netflix,” finally revealed Zack Snyder on the request of all his followers. A highly demanded request on social networks. “Whatever control over intellectual property there is, I don’t… That’s not my part, that’s not my role. As they say, that’s above my pay grade. But, I would say… Look, I’ll say one thing. As far as this screening and this event, Warner Bros. Discovery has been amazing. This group is now more friendly, attentive and personal. They’ve been amazing to work with, so I have no complaints. Beyond that, as far as creative and what they’re planning… Honestly, I’ve been busy shooting Rebel Moon. I have no idea what they’re developing.”

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