It’s no secret that Maximilian “HandOfBlood” Knabe is always creative and committed to his videos. The YouTuber has taken on a crazy challenge this time in action-platformer Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Who is the YouTuber? HandOfBlood, also known as Hänno by friends and the community, is one of the 9 largest German gaming YouTubers on the platform.

In his videos, he slips into the wildest roles and costumes that always match the respective games. He also opened an e-sports team for the MOBA League of Legends : Eintracht Spandau.

With the team, they only earned scorn and ridicule at first, but then they showed themselves to be quite dominating. If you want to learn more about the YouTuber’s LoL team, you can do so in our video:

HandOfBlood plays Getting Over It in a new way

What game is Getting Over It? In the platformer you play the naked man named Diogenes. He sits in a cauldron and you can only move around in Getting Over It with the help of a hammer. Your goal is to overcome all obstacles and reach the end.

What did HandOfBlood do? Hänno presented himself from his best side this time: he climbed into a cauldron wearing only shorts, covered his hair and his colleague handed him a rubber mallet.

Sensors were also attached to the rubber mallet, which ensured that the character in the game made similar movements that Hänno instructed him – the YouTuber became Diogenes, so to speak. A unique challenge that was really well received by the spectators.

Challenge catapults HandOfBlood straight into the trends

The sweaty effort should have been worth it, because after less than 24 hours the video is currently number 3 in the YouTube trends in the gaming category. In addition, almost 400,000 people have seen it so far and almost 45,000 viewers gave the video a thumbs up.

What is the community saying? They celebrate the challenge not only via upvotes, but also in the comments:

  • Shadow Eclipse says, “This build is world class, dude. I don’t know anyone who puts in so much effort in this genre.”
  • James Gray is enthusiastic: “It’s just pure entertainment, thanks Hänno!”
  • brimmusic is even of the opinion: “The best HandOfBlood video of the year so far.”
  • Marvin H. from S. is certain: “THIS is the reason why Hänno differs from all the other YouTubers. My respect. I love your content, kiss on your knee.”

Many other viewers also praise the effort and entertainment factor of the YouTube video. Others even ask for a second part.

Not only does HandOfBlood put a lot of effort into its videos, YouTube is also committed to recruiting additional streamers.

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