Yasuke Trailer for Netflix original Japanese Anime

Yasuke Trailer for Netflix original Japanese Anime

A fictionalized adaptation of the story of the first African-American samurai.

Yasuke, the world’s first African samurai, had to fight throughout his life to secure his place in history. The records of his visit to 15th century Japan and his service to daimyo Nobunaga Oda are still scarce and full of gaps.

Yet given the character’s importance, animated series creator LeSean Thomas is surprised that there hasn’t been a “full-fledged mainstream media story” about the Warrior. He’s about to change that, but with a supernatural touch thanks to Netflix and MAPPA, the studio behind the recent adaptations of Dorohedoro, The God of High School and Jujutsu Kaisen.

A trailer for Yasuke

Told in six episodes, the alternate reality anime follows the greatest ronin ever known in his struggle to maintain a peaceful life as a boatman in a local village after surviving a past marked by violence and the death.

Yasuke will be streaming exclusively on Netflix from April 29th.

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