Who died in the season 11 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Who died in the season 11 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking Dead has come to an end after eleven seasons, but it took a few characters away before the credits rolled.

AMC’s iconic zombie series has had plenty of infamous deaths, so it stands to reason that the show’s latest outing isn’t without its violence.

Here’s everything you need to know, but fair warning that this article contains major episode spoilers.

Who died in the season 11 finale of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Given AMC announced four spinoff shows based on the characters from The Walking Dead, some fans may have thought that the main cast was relatively safe and would live to see another day (or series). But that was not the case.

The ending began with the deaths of Luke (Dan Fogler) and Jules (Alex Sgambati), after they were attacked by walkers with Jules dying right there, and Luke being rushed to a hospital before dying of his injuries.

However, it wasn’t just these two who lost their lives, as Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) also died in the finale.

Rosita was the only main character to die in the episode, as others like Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Negan (Jeffrey Dead Morgan) are ready for new adventures, it was between her and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) who would lose their lives.

The character died as a result of a bite he received while escaping from a horde of walkers during a rescue mission for his young daughter, Coco. Rosita protected her daughter by shielding her with her body when they fell on the undead, before escaping with the others.

However, Rosita did not die immediately, and the character was given an emotional send-off for the remainder of the episode.

Serratos is the person who suggested that his character be the one to die at the end, because he wanted to give Rosita closure and also felt that The Walking Dead The team owed it to the fans for a main character to die.

In an interview with entertainment weeklythe actor said: “I really wanted people to have that emotional experience in our finale, especially.

“I think a show that was about the possibility of losing loved ones, you want to lose someone at the end. I know it sounds very dark, but I feel like the show, we owed it to the fans to break their hearts one last time.” , if that makes sense.»

Serratos added that he had originally started considering his character as the person who would die when they finished filming season 10, adding, “I think all of us collectively thought, ‘I wonder who’s leaving? Who will he be? ‘ And little by little, I think we started to realize that it might be nobody.

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-11 are now available to watch on AMC+.

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