What does Will’s statement to Mike in “Stranger Things” mean?

What does Will’s statement to Mike in “Stranger Things” mean?

The second part of season 4 of the Netflix series confirms the audience’s doubts about Will Byers’ sexuality.

Before the premiere Season 4 of “Stranger Things”, the question about the sexuality of Will Byers had already arisen. While the rest of thecharacters like Mike and Eleven they showed a love interest, his was a bit ambiguous. However, now Netflix seriesseems to have confirmed the suspicions.

After being held captive by the Mind Flayer in the first installment, Will returned to Hawkins only to find that the group’s dynamic had completely changed with the arrival of Eleven. Even in season 3, he had a strong fight with his best friend over this issue.

The character played by Noah Schnapp he was always a bit shy , very withdrawn when expressing his feelings and his group of friends is quite restricted. Therefore, at first it was thought that his jealousy was to protect his friendship, but this mystery has been solved.


From the first episodes of season 4 of “Stranger Things” there were some clues that Will Byers is gay . The suspicions were fully confirmed with the latest chapters that premiered on July 1.

Although he doesn’t explicitly mention it, it was made clear that Will is gay and that he has a crush on his friend, Mike . The biggest hint came in episode 8, when the two chatted in the pizza restaurant van.

Mike confesses to Will that he has doubts that Eleven really loves him, so Byers sees an opportunity to express his feelings. In explaining how difficult it has been for Millie Bobby Brown’s character in California to be different, it’s clear that, in a way, he’s also referring to himself .

“ When you are different, sometimes you feel like you are a mistake. But you make her feel that it’s not a mistake at all. As if she is better for being different and that gives her the courage to keep fighting ,” she told him.

However, although the subliminal message was clear to us, Mike did not realize what he really wanted to say and left. Meanwhile, Will tries not to cry as he watches through the car window.


Now that “Stranger Things” has practically confirmed that Will is gay, the question is how this will play out in the latest installment. The character will definitely have quite a presence, as he has the ability to sense Vecna ​​and what the villain is experiencing.

This will be a big part of her story in Season 5, but hopefully the aspect of her sexuality will also be explored, especially considering the complicated relationships that already exist within the series.


Will Byers is not the first LGBTQ+ character to be part of the show, as it had previously been confirmed that Robin, played by Maya Hawke, was a lesbian .

Even his romantic life has been more developed this season.

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