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What Deadpool really keeps in all his belt bags – Marvel Comics

Most readers of Deadpool’s comics have wondered what Deadpool keeps in all those bags under his belt. Marvel’s rash anti-hero has been using his belt as a fundamental part of his outfit for a long time. They became an integral part of the character and his costume.

But after all, what’s inside them? Are the bags full of extra ammo? Additional weapons? Random ends? The answer from the renowned international site Screen Rant to all three of these questions is: yes!

The traditional Deadpool outfit consists of a red and black body and a matching red mask. His mask even follows the molds of Spider-Man , containing only holes for the eyes and no visible holes for breathing. The Deadpool belt is always present, with the brown bags on each side, framing a miniature version of his logo with a belt buckle, which is then surrounded by his various bags.

In Pinky Swear of Deadpool Team-Up # 900 , written by Joe Kelly with art by Rob Liefeld, Deadpool appears dumping his bags, which, it seems, actually contain a rather strange variety of things.

Inside there are enough coins to pay for the bus fare, a mini monkey toy, some snacks for the road to keep your sugar level, a hockey puck (because all Canadians carry hockey pucks in their pockets) and an accessory silver that can be a piece of weapon or who knows what other type of destructive equipment.

In Deadpool # 2 (2008), the character has an encounter with a bunch of super-Skrulls who were created using his DNA. When discussing the fact that he loses body parts all the time, it is seen that his bags can often be filled with the body parts themselves removed.

These bags would be a good size to hold an ear or perhaps a finger or toe. However, if he loses a leg, what will happen? Will he have to cut it into smaller pieces to fit the bag? Regardless of how he resolves the situation, it helps him get back to being whole faster, as he can sew again instead of having to make everything grow again.

Another very intriguing fact is that Deadpool is always very cut and often bleeds, but his bags are never shown dripping with blood or even stained. They are resistant, anti-drip and anti-stain bags.

In Deadpool # 11 (2012), the superhero Daredevil can smell Mexican food, especially cilantro, while evaluating his opponent, Deadpool. The mercenary seems to enjoy carrying snacks to trick the munchies while taking care of his business.

In Deadpool # 3 (2019) he uses the bags to store collectible cards from “Monsters of the Marvel Universe” , which help him to identify his enemies.

The truth is that, whatever Deadpool needs during an action, his bags are always ready to carry anything. Following the character’s stripped style, such equipment does not meet anyone’s expectations.

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