Westworld: HBO ends the science fiction series

Westworld: HBO ends the science fiction series

After four seasons, the American HBO television series Westworld has been cancelled.

Centered on the title’s technologically advanced amusement park, filled with hosts with artificial intelligence in a Wild West setting, the TV series Westworld expanded its reach to nearby theme parks, owned and operated by the same fictional dystopian corporation, and then ventured into the real world in all its futuristic glory. If a fifth season were to conclude the story with an ultimate return to the park, the ending will never happen.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy react to the cancellation of Westworld via their production company Kilter Films:

Making Westworld was one of the highlights of our careers. We are deeply grateful to our amazing cast and crew for creating such indelible characters and brilliant worlds. We had the privilege of telling these stories about the future of consciousness – human and beyond – in a short time before the masters of artificial intelligence forbade us to do so.

The Westworld series is not renewed

HBO states in a press release:

Over the past four seasons, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have taken viewers on a mind-bending odyssey, raising the bar with every step. We are extremely grateful to them, their immensely talented cast, producers and crew, and to all of our partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. It was a pleasure to accompany them in this adventure.

Based on the 1973 film of the same name written by Michael Crichton, Westworld was produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy alongside JJ Abrams, Alison Schapker, Denise Thé, Athena Wickham, Richard J. Lewis and Ben Stephenson.

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