This year has been quite controversial for Ezra Miller, who has been accused of physical violence, verbal threats, endangering people, and many other things that have been talked about enough. Despite everything (and we are not talking about something irrelevant), The Flash movie was still in plans to be released, but now a reliable source has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that, in the worst case scenario, the film would be canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery, which would mark an unprecedented event in the industry.

The Flash is the first solo film of the superhero known as “The Scarlet Runner”, in addition to Miller, it has the performances of Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and Sasha Calle, who debuts as Supergirl in the project. Its budget was US$200 million, and if the cancellation of the Batgirl feature film, which cost US$90 million, was controversial, the cancellation of The Flash would be a much bigger scandal, and a major disappointment for fans of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

According to the source cited by The Hollywood Reporter, before taking the extreme measure of canceling The Flash, there are two other possible scenarios, the first is that Miller seeks professional help and, at some point, offers an interview to explain his erratic behavior. . With this, Warner Bros. Discovery would allow him to be part of the promotion of the film, although in a limited way, and The Flash would reach theaters as currently planned.

The second scenario is that, even if Miller doesn’t seek help or apologize, the film will be released, but the star will be omitted from promotion, and her presence in marketing and publicity will be reduced, which would be quite strange, since it’s about of the protagonist. In this second scenario, another actor is also said to be replacing Ezra Miller for future DCEU projects.

The third case, which we mentioned before, would be to cancel the premiere as happened with Batgirl. This would happen if the problems and scandals surrounding Miller continue to increase, but as stated before, it would be an unprecedented event that the premiere of a production of US $ 200 million is canceled.

The Flash went through several directors and was rewritten many times, before falling into the hands of the Argentine Andy Muschietti, but everything indicates that the project is still cursed, misfortune pursues it, and now the fans are waiting for what will happen with a feature film that has been delayed time and time again.

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