Nobody can deny that Top Gun: Maverick (98%) is one of the great movies of 2022. Paramount took it upon themselves to present a parade of beautiful actors and combined it with a really fun action show, the result? The biggest box office of the year and the millions continue to accumulate in theaters. Through Exhibitor Relations Co. it is confirmed that the sequel has reached US$700 million in the local market, a feat that very few films are capable of boasting.

After more than 30 years of service as one of the Navy’s best aviators, Pete Maverick Mitchel ( Tom Cruise ) finds himself where he always wanted to be, pushing the limits as a fearless test pilot and dodging the scope at his range, which I wouldn’t let him fly by placing him on the ground. While he is training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission, Maverick meets Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw ( Miles Teller ), the son of his late friend Goose; It is here that he begins another story of courage, dedication and many planes performing the most spectacular stunts.

Exhibitor Relations Co. boasts Top Gun: Maverick this morning with a $700 million local box office hit, something no other 2022 movie has ever done, and without even being part of a big, long-running franchise that regularly takes home the best numbers of the year.

Welcome to the $700 million club, Mav. TOP GUN: Paramount’s MAVERICK flew to the highest heights this weekend: $5.5 million (+16%) and $7 million over the 4-day holiday… and yes, now $700.3 million domestic. All the best.

Labor Day has clearly benefited Top Gun: Maverick , a date that is celebrated on September 5 and extends the weekend, boosting ticket sales in movie theaters and increasing the profits of those who are in theaters. Tom Cruise vindicates his role as an action star amply capable of stealing box office attention honestly, even in his sixties.

Joseph Kosinski, who previously worked alongside Tom Cruise onOblivion: The oblivion of time (53%), returned to direct Top Gun: Maverick and the result before the critics was spectacular. Commentators hailed the sequel as a major Hollywood achievement, a blockbuster that manages to combine action with a story that lives up to its legacy. Tom ‘s age was no impediment to filming adventure scenes with considerable danger; preparing him as a stunt double has paid off. The reward is on the table.

In addition to Tom Cruise , in the cast of Top Gun: Maverick we can findJennifer Connelly, Miles Teller y Jon Hamm. The official theme song for the film, “Hold my Hand”, was composed, produced and performed byLady Gaga, who carries the legacy of “Take my breath away” on his shoulders, and comes out ahead with his new song. Will she be able to become a worthy competitor of the awards season in the musical categories? Now it is also worth asking ifBlack Panther: Wakanda Foreverwill be able to rob Maverick of all the titles he has amassed in 2022. Certainly, Marvel Studios is preparing something incredibly big with the sequel toBlack Panther (90%), with a premiere scheduled for November 11.

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