Top Chef VIP 2: Isis Serrath is the fourth contestant to leave the kitchen in a surprise elimination

After the judges made the unusual decision last Monday not to eliminate anyone, the contestants froze when they received the news that one of them would leave today, and unfortunately the Mexican actress and model saw her gastronomic journey come to an end.

Isis Serrath became the fourth person to be eliminated from the Top Chef VIP 2 kitchen, in the first farewell of the season that does not take place on a Monday. The news that they would face a challenge for permanence surprised all the participants, who were not prepared to face such a challenge today.

Carmen Villalobos announced that with this elimination a new stage of the competition begins, while she reminded that Laura Zapata, Sebastián Villalobos, Génesis Suero and José Gumbs won immunity days ago, so they were not at risk of leaving the kitchen.

On the other hand, Helen Ochoa won the last golden knife of the season, so she could save herself and up to two companions. However, luck was not on her side and with tears in her eyes, after drawing number one, she followed the advice of her companions and it was she who went up to the cellar.

To save themselves from going to the elimination challenge, the participants who were still at risk had to cook only with the ingredients they had in a basket. During this challenge there was a tense moment, as Jesús More suffered a tremendous burn when he prevented his frying pan from falling to the floor.

Finally, the participants who had to cook for the second time in the night, in order to guarantee their permanence, were Alana Lliteras, Johny Lozada, Germán Montero, Isis Serrath and Arturo Peniche, who had the opportunity to prepare a free dish in 60 minutes, with an open market.

Alana surprised everyone with her basil sponge, which in the judges’ opinion had technique, presentation and flavor, so they immediately allowed her to go up to the cellar. On the other hand, Arturo Peniche made a pasta with a dedication to his great friend, Andrés García, who would have been 82 years old today.

Serrath risked everything to stay in the competition, with a pasta that changed from lilac to pink, which she called “The magic elimination”, however, the chefs did not love her noodles and that made their final decision for her to leave the competition.

It was a very hard farewell for everyone and the judges showed their admiration for her for daring to make such an innovative dish in such a complicated moment as an elimination.

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