In this article we report some good news for all fans who are waiting with curiosity to be able to see Thor: Love and Thunder at home, and especially directly on Disney+. This is because the House of Mickey has announced the official release date of the new film starring the iconic and beloved Norse God within its subscription service.

Thor: Love and Thunder is ready to land on Disney +

Well, the new film by the Marvel Studios will debut on Disney+ starting from the day of September 8. So yes, just a few more weeks and fans will be able to enjoy the latest film belonging to the streaming platform directly within the well-known Marvel Cinematic Universe included directly in the classic subscription and therefore without the need to face an additional cost to see it.

For those who do not know, Thor: Love and Thunder is the latest film in the movie series starring Thor, featuring Chris Hemswoth once again called to take on the role of the God of Thunder, but this time he is in the company of Natalie Portman, decidedly fierce and enterprising.

The film sees Taika Waititi directing, with Christian Bale who plays the role of the main villain of the film: the fearsome and unstoppable Gorr, intent on pouring out all his hatred on the world! The cast of the film also sees this Tessa Thompson, Russell Crowe and Waititi.

Finally, remember that Thor: Love and Thunder was released in cinemas around the world in early July 2022, hitting the box office so far 737 million dollars.

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