These are the best Netflix miniseries for a couch-and-blanket Sunday

These are the best Netflix miniseries for a couch-and-blanket Sunday

Wear comfy clothes, make popcorn and keep a box of tissues handy just in case. You’re guaranteed to be hooked.

The laziest day of the week arrives and the only thing we feel like doing is lying on the couch and having a marathon of series or our favorite movies. They have that je ne sais quoi that makes us addicted.

But little pleases and much cloys, and sometimes we need a dose of freshness that we dare not look for in the endless catalog of Netflix. So, don’t worry, if what you need is a compilation of the best miniseries on the platform, here we bring it to you.

1. Lady Gambit

Just knowing that Anya Taylor-Joy is the protagonist, it’s already a yes on our list. Chess is a man’s world, but Beth Harmon will arrive to break stereotypes. A series that explores the dark side of being a ‘brainiac’ or the internal struggle against addictions to survive in a world where she doesn’t fit in. The metamorphosis of its protagonist will not leave anyone indifferent.

2. Anatomy of a scandal

Who doesn’t like a scandal? Especially if it shakes the political elite. Sophie lives happily in her bubble of privilege married to Minister Whitehouse. But her idyllic life is shaken when her husband is involved in a scandal that the British press will have no mercy on. A judicial thriller charged with drama, passion and a feminist vision of women’s power in the face of media scrutiny. A miniseries that will invite you to take tea to calm the uneasiness it transmits from beginning to end.

3. Duality

Mystery and suspense are the hallmarks of Duality. The plot centers on two twin sisters who, although they live in different cities, cannot live without each other. But one day, one of them disappears and leaves no trace. It will be then when her sister leaves everything to solve the truth. But that’s not the only mystery these twins are hiding. A crazy plot? Yes, but it will keep you warm on your couch with your eyes on the screen without blinking.

4. The Innocent One

This miniseries poses a puzzle that you won’t be able to stop watching in order not to miss any detail and manage to solve. Mateo has a murky past. After being involved in a reckless homicide and going to jail, it seems that his life starts to get back on track when he meets Olivia. However, everything he has built may come crashing down after he receives a mysterious call from his partner’s phone. Get ready to solve the riddle with some popcorn.

5. This is how they see us

The most fervent racism tinges this audiovisual work divided into four parts. When a woman is raped and brutally attacked in Central Park, all eyes will be on a group of young black men who will be involved in their worst nightmare. Known as the “Central Park Five,” these kids will unwittingly make the leap from adolescence to adulthood to confront entrenched institutional racism. One of the toughest series in the platform’s catalog that will touch your heart.

6. Intimacy

Malen Zubiri’s political career looks promising. Everyone wants to vote for her as mayor. But her life will take a 180º turn when a video of sexual content in which she has sex with a person who is not her husband is leaked to the press. But the life of another woman, Bego, will take another turn when she has to identify the body of her sister, who seems to have committed suicide because of the dissemination of some intimate photos at work. This Spanish production will make you rethink the limits of privacy and how exposed we are to the Internet. It will make you live that hell in your own flesh.

7. The maid

Running away from an abusive relationship is not easy, it implies leaving behind the life you have built and starting from scratch. And even more so if there are children involved. This is the story of Alex, a single mother who tries to get ahead with her little girl by working as a maid. A series about overcoming and resilience of a mother against the world. It will make you reflect and, of course, you will shed a tear or two.

8. The mess you leave behind

A change of scenery and a second chance with her husband is all Raquel is looking for when she accepts a teaching position in a small town. However, the welcome from her students is not the most desirable. Who would like to receive a note saying “how long will it take you to die?”? This message will be the fuel that Raquel takes to discover the truth about Viruca, the teacher she replaces and who supposedly committed suicide, so as not to end up like her. Its pace, cast and setting won’t let you leave the couch (not even to go to the bathroom).

9. Unorthodox

Can you imagine belonging to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community? Well, that’s the life of Unorthodox’s protagonist, Deborah Feldman. Unhappily married in an arranged marriage, Deborah will want to get out of the prison that her home and her neighborhood, Williamsburg in New York, have become. Starting from scratch and leaving behind what once defined you, is the hard road that the protagonist will go through in search of a better life in Berlin. An intense drama that will make you shed a tear or two.

10. The Serpent

If you like serial killer series, this one will mesmerize you. Based on the story of criminal Charles Sobhraj, the plot focuses on the murders of young backpackers and hippies that he committed during his travels through Thailand, Nepal and India with his partner, Marie-Andrée Leclerc. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until a Dutch couple disappears and alarm bells go off at the embassy. The intrigue will push you to the next chapter until you binge-finish it.

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