Top Gun: Maverick

The non-negotiable condition that Tom Cruise imposed to participate in “Top Gun: Maverick”

Tom Cruise will reprise the pilot who made him a star in the 90s in Top Gun: Maverick . However, the protagonist of the Mission Impossible saga was clear at all times that his return would be conditional on a non-negotiable request .  

The actor and producer indicated as an essential requirement to appear in the film that Val Kilmer also participate , who played the villain of the first film, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky .

It should be remembered that the actor, who also gave life to the Dark Knight in Batman Forever, was diagnosed in 2017 with throat cancer and later had to undergo chemotherapy, which deteriorated both his health and his physical condition , which led to his career has been noticeably damaged.

Cruise’s insistence on getting Kilmer back in the sequel was made public by the film’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer during an interview with People . “We all wanted him to be in, but Tom was adamant that if he was going to do another Top Gun , Val had to be in it,” said the businessman.

” Kilmer is a very good actor and just as great a guy, ” said Bruckheimer, recounting, “We had a great time with the first one and we wanted to get part of the gang together again .”

In his memoirs, published in 2020, Kilmer states that even if the film is called Maverick , the character’s nemesis will always be Iceman. “The two go together like salt and pepper and I would have mattered if the producers do not they contacted me because, as I said The Temptations , ‘I’m too proud to beg'” .

Spectators will be able to attend the emotional reunion between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer with the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick , directed by Joseph Kosinski, which will hit theaters in November this year.

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