The luxurious and unexpected gifts this year will receive the Oscar nominees

The luxurious and unexpected gifts this year will receive the Oscar Nominees

Not to mention brand sunglasses, tennis shoes, pajamas, and clothing made with sustainable materials; creams and scrubs, wireless chargers, board games, New Zealand honey, nuts, plus whiskey, tequila, and vodka in 23-karat gold-plated bottles.

The goodie bag includes soaps, oils and other personal care products; organic, of course.

Nominees will also receive a subscription to the newspaper The Independent, an advisory service in an investment fund, a catalog of QR codes with the menus of different restaurants so that they can order at home and even a free plastic surgery.

glass of alcoholic beverage, with bottle in the background, rustic setting. Brazilian gold type cachaça, called pinga.
Nominees will receive tequila, vodka and whiskey in luxury bottles.

The most surprising gifts this year are a GPS for your pets, a digital work of art, a hammer from PETA “to rescue pets that have been abandoned and trapped in their owners’ cars” and … construction materials that they will be able to use in in case they have plans to renovate their houses.

Ashley Johnson
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