The Last of Us: HBO's TV Series finds its Main Cast

The Last of Us: HBO’s TV Series finds its Main Cast

With the worldwide success of The Last of Us license, American studios quickly saw the opportunity to adapt it. On the small screen in this case. HBO is preparing a TV series.

If you liked The Last of Us, you are probably aware that a TV series project is currently in the works at HBO. The kind of project that can quickly fall apart if the management doesn’t take the time to get it right, with the expectations of fans high. Today, the series has found its main actors.

HBO’s The Last of Us series has found its main cast

Last year, we learned that HBO was planning to create a TV series based on Sony’s The Last of Us license and Naughty Dog. Many fans and curious people wondered who could play the main roles, namely those of Ellie and Joel. It would appear today that these have been found. At least if we are to believe an article from The Hollywood Reporter.

A casting that is already shaping up to be very interesting

Bella Ramsey, who is best known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in the cult series Game of Thrones as well as for lending her voice to Hilda in the animated series of the same name from Netflix, has in fact been selected to take on the role of ‘Ellie. The video game also features another protagonist, Joel, who protects Ellie throughout the game and it’s Pedro Pascal – The Mandalorian, revealed by his role in Game of Thrones, he played Oberyn Martell – who will wear his costume.

A very interesting cast for a series that should be just as interesting. Let’s just hope that the result will be up to the game – up to the first opus will say the purists -. Unfortunately for the moment, no information concerning the date of availability of this series The Last of Us. We will have to wait patiently to find out more.

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