The Boys season 3: Amazon formalizes a spin-off on the university of superheroes

The Boys season 3: Amazon formalizes a spin-off on the university of superheroes

As season 4 of The Boys gets ready to start filming, series creator Eric Kripke has confirmed the development of a new spin-off! The Boys Presents: Varsity will tie directly into Season 3, which recently wrapped on Amazon Prime Video.

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  • A spin-off on Vought University
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From the start of its broadcast with a first season in 2019 the trashy but satirical series The Boys was a big hit on Amazon Prime Video. Adapted from the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson the series created by Eric Kripke quickly stood out and Amazon renewed The Boys for more seasons. The third has just ended with great fanfare and a fourth burst of episodes starts filming in August. We’re not done with The Boys and corrupt superheroes yet, especially since the universe of the series is expanding.

A first animated anthology series has already seen the light of day: The Boys : Diabolical. Amazon has yet to confirm whether a second season is in the works or not, but given the success of the eight episodes released, renewal is highly likely. It is no longer the only spin-off in The Boys universe. A series called The Boys Presents : Varsity soon to land on our screens. Varsity is described as “a college series with a Hunger Games vibe”, all with the signature satirical and trashy side of The Boys.

A spin-off on Vought University

The spin-off in question is not entirely new. Announced September 2020, the series The Boys Presents: Varsity first experienced a first brake because of the pandemic. A change of director, several rewrites and some difficulties in finding the right actors also lengthened the production time. Ultimately, production started last May Directed by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters who previously worked on the Agent Carter series.

The Boys Presents : Varsity promises to be as atypical as the main series. centered around the college for young superheroes run by Vought International the aim of the series is to follow students all competing to win the best contracts, constantly pushing their limits. In an interview with Deadline, Eric Kripke, the creator of the original series, revealed new information on the spin-off, which will be linked to the third season recently released on Amazon Prime Video.

There will definitely be a crossover, and we’re doing our best to create a universe where some of the topics and storylines from Season 3 carry over into Season 1 of Varsity. For example, we have a presidential campaign in the background of the last season, and there are certain things that take place at school in reaction to this same season. There’s Soldier Boy, but also new storylines that happen in the spin-off that we’re going to pick up in Season 4 of The Boys.”

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