The 80 years of Wonder Woman

The 80 years of Wonder Woman: a phenomenon that still revolutionizes

The origin of the princess of Themyscira, the creative concept and its cultural impact. From Lynda Carter to Gal Gadot, a success that has been able to sustain itself over time

When talking about Wonder Woman it is almost impossible not to have a mental image of this character. A jumpsuit in the shape of a jumpsuit, with bright colors: red, gold and blue. A tiara and bracelets that hold magnificent power. If the empowered goddess rising from the mud could be described, she would be “beautiful like Aphrodite, wise like Athena, faster than Hermes and stronger than Hercules, Princess Diana of Themyscira fights for peace in the world of man . ” As read in the original DC world comic .

It could be said that, in the 1940s, she became an important reference off-screen with a revolutionary concept of feminism: power, will, independence and authority. From girls dressed as Wonder Woman to creating multiple versions both in film and on television. However, not all of them turned out to embrace the success they believed they would achieve. For more than 80 years, it still causes the same impact and, therefore, Infobae celebrates its anniversary by briefly reviewing Diana, the princess of Themyscira.

80 years of Wonder Woman

On October 21, 1941, the first comic was released that talks about a heroine who would end up being one of the most relevant in the DC world, Wonder Woman . In Spanish, Wonder Woman . Her name is the perfect assemblage of the real role that a woman plays in society: aware of her own powers, brave and with enough courage to face obstacles.

Symbol of justice, truth and equality, they are among its most relevant missions. Despite the duality of facing wars, she had to convey a message of peace. However, the demi-goddess of Themyscira is a legend inspired by mythical characters from Ancient Greece. Beyond being a gift from humanity, she became a role model for millions of girls and adolescents in the world. Today, this phenomenon still transcends.

The creator of this story, far from thinking that it would become a cultural movement, was inspired by her wife Elizabeth to develop a female figure with super powers. Among them: strength, high-speed flights, immortality, endurance, talking to animals and various languages ​​wherever you are . In short, show and exploit the capabilities that a woman can develop, attributes sufficient to catapult her into the industry of the heroic world.

With a purpose beyond the creative concept, he sought to forge the idea of ​​an internal empowerment, which squandered internal capacities. Expand an unrecognizable force for society. And, it is that, during the 1940s, it was inconceivable that women assumed a more leading role in a world of men.

Most remembered versions of Wonder Woman

If the multiple versions of Wonder Woman were mentioned , it could be said that it would be immeasurable in characters. They would not be enough. However, so far, there have been three important actresses who gave it the “deserved” value that Moulton, its creator, wanted to capture.

Not all success is achieved on the first try. This is what happened with the failed television version starring Cathy Lee Crosby (1974) which, honestly, disappointed multiple readers of the comic. It was a crude way of reflecting the cartoon. It was considered by critics as a mockery of the feminist concept that its creator devised. A Wonder Woman distracted from her real powers, behind a very fleeting male company. It is definitely not the most recommended. However, it is important to introduce the idea of Wonder Woman on television.

Lynda Carter as
Lynda Carter as “Wonder Woman” (1976-1979)

The second attempt ended up becoming one of the most important of all the versions: Lynda Carter ( 1975 -1979). A series that reflects the true essence of Wonder Woman and her faithful purpose as a hero. Initially, Carter was hardly a stranger in the film world, who became known for being Miss World USA (1972). But for its neat performance it achieved a high rating, being one of the most emblematic. An icon. The producers of the various proposals have assured that it has been difficult to find an actress who managed to surpass the bar left by Lynda .

The third, but not least: Gal Gadot , (2016 – present), who was the first actress to star in a Wonder Woman in real DCEU format, according to the guidelines of the real story. Like Diana Prince , Gadot, had already been released in the film Batman vs Superman (2016) and Justice League (2017). Later, alone, she starred in Wonder Woman (2017) and in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).

Gal Gadot’s Preparation

Her martial preparation in swordplay, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well as practice to improve her horse riding techniques were just one of her demands for this arduous role . However, the surprise of many fans was great to learn that before becoming a modern Wonder Woman reference , she had had military experience. For two years, she served the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor. This explains the reasons for her flexibility and agility, when using the heroine’s powers.

On the other hand, aware of her role as the current Wonder Woman reference , she clarified on a couple of occasions, having been inspired by Princess Diana of Wales , for her compassion and vulnerability to the people. “I wanted to show a more vulnerable goddess, without neglecting her physical strength.” The Israeli actress, who is backed by the iconic Lynda Carter, has drawn a character true to what many expected. With this, it was enough for the public to consider her as a contemporary character who brings a fresh, human, versatile proposal.

Wonder Woman 3 with Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot in a scene from
Gal Gadot in a scene from “Wonder Woman 2”

At last Saturday’s DC Fandome event , Lynda Carter and Patty Jenkins came together to announce the third installment of the DC universe. Raising a more solid, contemporary and eloquent idea that takes place 40 years after the last installment in which Carter starred.

With the possibility that characters like Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig and Lynda Carter are involved again in the story. It doesn’t sound far-fetched at all, considering its appearance in the post-credits scenes of Wonder Woman 1984. No filming or release date has yet been confirmed. It is estimated that it will be released during 2023.

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