“Stranger things 4″, part 2: Eddie’s scene and the perfect song he chose

“Stranger things 4″, part 2: Eddie’s scene and the perfect song he chose

Spoiler alert! The new episodes of “Stranger things 4″ brought us a new classic song that undoubtedly delighted all heavy metal fans.

“ Stranger things 4 ″ has just released its last two episodes during the early morning , causing millions of fans to wake up to be the first to see the end of the battle between Vecna ​​and the young people of Hawkins.

During the first part of the fourth season, the song “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush went viral again after more than 30 years of being released, and it is thanks to her that Max managed not to die.

Now a new song played on guitar by Joseph Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson , is aiming to become a worldwide hit again. Which one are we talking about?

What song does Eddie Munson play on guitar?

The season 4 finale of the series shows the boys and girls of Hawkins devising a plan within the Upside Down in order to kill Vecna; among them, Eddie is a key piece for the plan to succeed.

Already inside the dark world, Eddie is the protagonist of one of the most dazzling scenes of the final episode. He is seen playing an electric guitar on a makeshift stage to get the attention of the horde of bats guarding Vecna.

The song is nothing more and nothing less than“Master of Puppets” by legendary thrash metal band Metallica.

The song released in 1986 and written by James Hetfield is perfect for the moment because the title translated into Spanish means “Master of puppets” and would be a reference to Vecna, who manages the Upside Down as he wants.

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