Stephen King has written the sequel to ‘Cujo’, one of his most controversial novels

Stephen King has written the sequel to ‘Cujo’, one of his most controversial novels

One wonders why not a few readers and literary analysts despise the work of the American novelist Stephen King, when it’s nice to read even those books he writes on autopilot. Also, at the same time, they love Edgar Allan Poe’s and HP Lovecraft’s. On the one hand, an artist cannot always offer prodigies like The glow (1977), It (1986) o Misery (1987) and, on the other hand, it is seen that some will not give in until tradition puts them in their place.

But even his behavior in choosing new stories to tell has little or nothing to do with commercial pretensions. Because is almost never decided by the sequels. In his bibliography, ignoring the connections between his different texts, we can only find the story “A Farewell Drink” in the compilation the threshold of the night (1978), short continuation of Salem’s Lot Mystery (1975), o doctor sleep (2013), which follows one of the characters from The glow.

Nevertheless, Despair y Possession (1996) form an inconsistent diptych; the eight volumes of the dark tower (1982-2012) and the trilogy about Bill Hodges (2014-2016), sagas planned by Stephen King; Y The talisman (1984) y black house 2001) and the Gwendy triptych (2017-2022), respective collaborations with Peter Straub and Richard Chizmar. Secondly, the blood sends (2018) yes pull the thread of The visitor (2018), and now, Rattlesnakesnothing less than of whose (1981).

Stephen King and ‘Rattlesnakes’: from ‘Cujo’ bats to rattlesnakes

Those who have read the novel about the saint bernard of Castle Rock, who had not been vaccinated against rabies and becomes ill with it due to a bat bite, causing horror to be unleashed, will not have been able to forget how it ends. Stephen King received letters insulting him for it, Lewis Teague’s movie (1983) changes him and, according to the American Book Association, it turns out that whose was from 1990 to 1999 among the most questioned and prohibited in the country of freedoms.

Therefore, it seems brave to us that it announces a continuation. It was for him podcast The Losers’ Club of Bloody Disgusting. “I just wrote a long story called Rattlesnakes. And it is, in part, about twins who are only four years old and fall into a pit of rattlesnakes. Y the snakes catch them. It’s a terrible scene”, he said to later admit that “it is, in fact, a sequel to whose”. A work that, anyway, some of us will read delighted.

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