Squid Game will receive further seasons and will be expanded into a film universe

Squid Game will receive further seasons and will be expanded into a film universe

Squid Game

Squid Game is one of the most successful Netflix series. The South Korean drama series, which went online on Netflix on September 17 of 2021, was developed by Siren Pictures. The Netflix series Squid Game is based on a deadly game that pits 456 players against each other on a remote island.

Comprised of traditional Korean children’s games, the game revolves around morality and survival instincts, as well as the negative effects of contemporary capitalism. In this case, players are indebted citizens who, in their eyes, have nothing to lose. The winner of all six games will receive a prize of $40 million if he or she survives.

Within four weeks, the series was viewed by 142 million Netflix accounts. This knocked the previous record holder Bridgerton (82 million views) from its place by a huge margin.

Long-awaited sequel

Squid Game is getting a second season, the streaming provider has now confirmed. However, co-boss Sarandos says that even the second season is just the beginning of the Squid Game universe.

There were already indications of this in November, but now it is confirmed. Furthermore, it was hinted that the series will not come to an end even after the second season. Squid Game is supposed to become a whole film universe with several offshoots.

The reason for Sarando’s statements was that, from his economic point of view, the fourth quarter of 2021 went badly. A positive message about the continuation of the series was necessary.

The great success

Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk first came up with the idea for the series in 2008. At the time, however, his screenplay was portrayed as too unrealistic and brutal to be commercially successful. In 2018 he picked up the story again and converted it into a series for Netflix.

Over time, his idea had become more realistic, the gap between rich and poor widened, and climate change worsened. He also benefited, in the form of authenticity, from the emergence of crypto and virtual currencies. The Corona Pandemic recently accelerated the implementation.

The idea is no longer unrealistic or absurd, but sadly very realistic after a decade.

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