Kit Harington is behind the television series Snow.

American author George RR Martin confirms the development of a series dedicated to Jon Snow which should act as a sequel to Game of Thrones : “The Hollywood Reporter article is largely correct. And I expected no less from James Hibberd. I’ve dealt with many reporters over the past few years, and James is one of the best, a real reporter who does everything reporters are supposed to do (get the facts right, talk to sources, honor requests general and confidential information), which most sites never do. Our working title is Snow.”
George RR Martin breaks silence on Jon Snow spinoff, which is titled “Snow,” and gives some interesting backstory on how it all came together @GRRMspeaking

— James Hibberd (@JamesHibberd) June 23, 2022

He also shared that British comedian Kit Harington pushed the project: “Snow has been in development for almost as long as the other three projects (Ten Thousand Ships, The Sea Snake, The Hedge Knight), but for some reason it has never been announced and has never been reviewed. leaks…until now. It seems Emilia Clarke already mentioned that Snow was Kit Harington’s idea in a recent interview. So this information is out. Yes, it was Kit who brought us the idea. I can’t tell you the names of the writers and showrunners, since that hasn’t been released yet… but Kit brought them in with his own team, and they’re great.”

HBO has yet to approve the Snow TV series

George RR Martin also assures that the development is well advanced, but that nothing has yet been decided for a broadcast: “Drafts and treatments were written and approved, scripts were written, notes were given, second and third drafts were written. So far, that’s all. That’s how television works. There’s all sorts of reasons pilots never get picked up for a series, all sorts of reasons scripts never get shot as pilots, all sorts of reasons why the great treatments never get sent to the script. That’s how business works. I learned that a long time ago, during my first appearance on television. That’s all I can tell you about Snow for now. If HBO tells me I can tell you more, I will…“

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