Undoubtedly, Disney Plus has been a great success for the Mickey Mouse company, as it has allowed it to launch movies, series, and documentaries directly on this platform without the need to stick to a television schedule or the availability of times in theaters. . Its launch for Latin America in the midst of a pandemic was a “win win” for the company, because with so many families at home it was an almost ideal date. Only time has spoken of its success, both its productions for critics and its good reception by the public.

Marvel’s phase 4 has received a lot of criticism, from a scattered course to the lack of prominence of a hero, but on the other hand these same remarks have become something positive, because now it has been allowed to explore other paths without the need to be tied to the same destiny (which still exists) in addition to giving a main voice to different characters whose only role before was to have been secondary. WandaVision (95%), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (97%), Moon Knight (87%), Ms. Marvel (100%), Loki (96%), Eternals (58%), Thor: Love and Thunder ( 76%), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (88%) have been proof of this. What does She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (87%) add?

Jennifer Walters is a lawyer, single and somewhat shy but very professional. Her life seems typical of a girl in her thirties… except if she gets angry. If Jennifer gets upset, she becomes She-Hulk, a 2-meter green superhero with superhuman strength. Only her cousin, Bruce Banner aka Hulk, understands her experience and will help her with her transformations.

The critic points out that the doubts that were had regarding the tone of the series are clarified, because despite coping with the comedy through its narrative, it is used in favor of it. It’s a fresh tone that many viewers will love, as the duality between She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters flows naturally with their lawyer drama. The performances of the cast added to their great chemistry make the series not become boring or monotonous. The CGI’s complaints were heard and there really is an improvement over the first trailer.

Also, although the first episode features the character’s classic origins, the way she introduces herself is fun and fresh. The fact that her comedy makes us laugh out loud is reiterated, they are not the classic jokes that the audience expects, since they are developed with the appropriate plot. She stays true to the style that she presents from chapter one without abruptly changing course. Some critics mention that at times several comparisons to Deadpool will be felt and that, to a large extent, affects the perception. It deals with many aspects that cannot be concentrated on any one and the development is hindered.

Without anything to add, we leave you the reviews of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (87%):

Aglaia Berlutti, from Hypertextual:

She tries, in any case. Maslany’s She-Hulk is fresh, full of energy, and without a doubt, an ingenious recombination of elements about her heroic background.

Amelia Emberwing of IGN:

Although the first episode is all the necessary and common origin story you’d expect, none of it is presented in a way that could be considered boring. And yes, the effects look better than in the first trailer you saw.

Arezou Amin from Collider:

The performances of the cast and the chemistry they have with each other far outweigh any complaints anyone might have about the CGI. If the last five episodes are anywhere near this charm, then Marvel has an outright victory on their hands.

Alberto González, from Vandal:

Like the duality between Walters and Hulka, the series knows how to move between its own personality as a lawyer comedy and its need to add action or spectacular sequences, navigating between the two waters with a certain solvency.

Daniel Quesada, from Hobby Consoles:

The series moves forward with respect to the initial doubts and achieves a fresh and carefree tone, which combines well the lore of the MCU with some comic reflections on modern life. Good and fast start.

Sophie Butcher from Empire:

Laugh-out-loud fun, packed with interesting themes, and just plain good timing, She-Hulk breaks new ground for Marvel TV shows, and is one of their best small-screen offerings yet.

Mikel Zorrilla, from Espinof:

Unless the series suffers in the remaining episodes, ‘She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka’ is the best that Marvel’s Phase 4 has given us to date. And it is because she flies free, proposes a clear approach, knows how to develop it and stays true to it.

Jesus Chavarria, from Smash Mexico:

Thus, the simplicity of the manufacturing and narrative structure of this series acquires a certain depth and is presented as a pleasant superhero adventure without too many pretensions, which intelligently treads the field of comedy and has the necessary elements and approach both to satisfy the fans…

Juan Luis Sánchez, from De Cine 21:

…the proposal works as minor entertainment, so to some extent it is excused that it lacks the spark of Deadpool, which seems to have been taken as a model, and the absence of true entity conflicts. And it will disappoint those looking for great action sequences.

Kelly Lawler of USA Today:

When the series gives itself over completely to the silliness of legal proceedings with shape-shifting elves and pirate wizards with the powers of Doctor Strange, it’s fun and engaging. But it shoots in too many directions and misses.

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