In the midst of her separation from Gerard Piqué, the Colombian singer Shakira published her new single ‘Monotonía’ in which she sings in the company of Ozuna and whose lyrics refer to the deterioration of a relationship

The song ‘Monotonía’ was released by Shakira and Ozuna, this October 19 and there was no lack of creativity from users on social networks, who reacted with the typical memes, since they were very clear that the lyrics seem to allude to their ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

Shakira has been very excited about this release, to which she has dedicated a large promotional space on her platforms where her fans dedicated themselves to pointing out that it is a letter that, without further ado, explains everything about the end of their marriage due to This refers to the deterioration of a relationship.

Is Shakira’s new song, ‘Monotonia’, dedicated to her ex, soccer player Gerard Piqué?

It is known that Shakira has always expressed herself through music and it is that after she released her song “Te Felicito” in April, shortly after her separation from Piqué, the father of her two children and with whom she lasted, was announced. 12 years.

Now, there are several questions with “Monotony” and one is whether this topic goes with a dedication and reveals what really happened between her and Gerard through hidden messages.

Let us remember that they would have ended after an alleged infidelity on the part of the soccer player with Clara Chía Martí, with whom she would already have plans to live together and have a child.

“It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine. It was the monotony’s fault. I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen”, that’s how the theme song starts.

This is a phrase that refers to the stagnation of a relationship, the repetition of everyday life, from which many couples cannot get out and, therefore, decide to end it.

Likewise, the video for “Monotony” carries a lot of symbolism that tells how Shakira suffered during her separation in front of the public eye.

Precisely, on September 21, the Colombian said in an interview with Elle that for her writing music is like going to the psychiatrist, “only cheaper” and that it helps her heal.

“It is a necessary goodbye. What was once incredible became routine. Your lips don’t taste like anything to me. Now it’s the opposite”, “You distant with your attitude and that filled me with concern. You didn’t give’ even half. But I do know that I gave more than you. I was running for someone who wasn’t even walking for me ”, are other of the most outstanding verses of her duet with Ozuna.

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