The series released on Netflix is ​​part of the top 10 of the platform and its end promises a continuation

“We already have ideas for a second and third season of 1899, and it will be more complicated.” This is how the creators of 1899 anticipated that followers will have more chapters of the series.

Despite the fact that the second season has not yet been officially confirmed, its creators began to give interviews where they hinted that the fiction will have at least two more installments. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are the brains behind this series and have already worked together on another super successful production on the platform, Dark . In both stories, events typical of science fiction and fantasy take place where time jumps and parallel universes and realities are the order of the day. This series is the most expensive German production so far. Its premiere was on November 17 on the platform and immediately became one of the titles with the most views.

“We always like to have an end before we start. We want to know where we are going. We are progressing in a story and we want to know how it will be resolved in the end. (…) And as we go through the process, ideas can change and move to a different position.” These were some of the ideas that Baran bo Odar revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“What we constantly do is play with expectations. You read a code and you expect something and you feel safe in it. You think you hit the key. We are breaking that expectation and hopefully we will give you a satisfactory answer. At least at the end of Season 3, but hopefully earlier in Season 1,” added one of the creators.

1899 recreates life on a ship that comes from Europe to America (to New York) full of immigrants. But on the voyage they receive a telegram from another boat asking for help. So the captain decides to change the course of the trip to go to the rescue of the other ship. But when they arrive they see that there are no passengers on this ship that has been adrift for 4 months. They only find a child locked in a kind of closet.

The series is full of mysteries and resorts to the effect of going back and forth in time where it takes the liberties of telling the past of the central characters, who are mostly fleeing in search of a better future. Like Dark, this fiction requires total attention from the viewer who will have to rewatch some scenes on more than one occasion. “People didn’t understand Dark so we have to make this easier,” the creators said when asked about the new project after this series. “In Dark, the parallel universe idea was always planned for the second season. And then as we were working on it, we decided to move it into season three. Those things always happen. You try to be flexible, to allow the process to surprise you while you carry it out, but knowing where you are navigating”, the creators added about their process when writing.

The truth is that the creators already have a trademark on how to tell stories and feel that they owe loyalty to an audience that acclaims them. In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter they stated: “We try to be very faithful to our main audience, who love puzzles. They are very good at putting the pieces together. We want it to be a great experience for them and not be too easy. If you are in that main group and you have solved it, you should be proud of yourself, it is an incredible experience ”, they concluded.

The 8 episodes of the 1899 series are available on Netflix.

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