The year 2022 is one filled with questions and changes for Netflix(opens in new tab)† Despite this, it looks like we’ll still be able to share our passwords for now if Netflix postpones its password -sharing tests.

Last week, TechRadar asked Netflix whether the tests will be extended to the US and other regions this summer. A company spokesperson replied, “We are working to understand the usefulness of these two features to users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru before making changes elsewhere. We have no other news at this time.”

So no new information. But also no indication that the process has been further developed than some small tests in Peru, Costa Rica and Chile.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that you can share your Netflix password with friends, family and that one colleague who keeps asking for it.

“Working to understand” seems to indicate that Netflix is ​​still working on fully understanding the impact of the additional charges. Fortunately, at least you don’t have to chase everyone off your Netflix account this summer to save those extra costs.

Yet time is ticking. Netflix has to expand the test program anyway. According to Netflix, 100 million households currently share their passwords away from home.

No news is good news

The subscription issues(opens in new tab)are far from over for Netflix. The company reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers(opens in new tab)and expects to have lost two million by the end of 2022. The additional cost of sharing an account is likely to appear by the end of this year, unless it dramatically impacts subscriber numbers in the tests (even if it’s just a few dollars more) and Netflix loses even more revenue.

The other adjustments to the streaming service do not seem to be an issue for the time being. TechRadar also asked Netflix when the subscription level with ads will be introduced. To this, Netflix replied that “it’s still in an early stage and we can’t share a timeline yet.”

That sounds like we won’t find it on the streaming service this summer.

The timing makes sense. It is difficult to introduce a new, possibly cheaper subscription when a large part of the people are going on a day trip or on vacation. There will then be less Netflix streamed at home.

So it makes more sense to introduce a subscription with ads in the fall, when Netflix may have a bunch of new shows and movies to offer.

Meanwhile, Netflix hopes to capitalize on the positive buzz and increased ratings caused by Stranger Things 4(opens in new tab)† The new season of the series was released last Friday. There are now seven episodes to watch, with an additional two-part special set to be released in July (which may last longer than three hours). That should keep current Netflix subscribers happy this summer.

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