Netflix increases its prices in the US, France soon concerned?

Netflix increases its prices in the US, France soon concerned?

Are we about to undergo an increase in the price of Netflix subscriptions? While France experienced an increase last summer, it is the turn of the United States and Canada to be affected by a change in prices.

Depending on the formula, the current price of the subscription changes from 1 to 2 dollars. And in these cases, we all ask ourselves the same question: should we expect a new increase here? Answers below.

Less than a year and a half after its last price increase, the video-on-demand service has just announced an increase for American and Canadian subscribers.

While the success of the platform, driven by films like Don’t Look Up or series like Stranger Things or The Witcher, is undeniable, the company’s high authorities are adapting to competition that is growing. affirms (Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO Max) and to an ever-changing market.

The United States and Canada are thus seeing Netflix formulas climb. The new monthly fee schedule depends, as usual, on your plan type:

  • Basic (1 screen): $9.99, an increase of $1.
  • Standard (HD resolution, 2 screens simultaneously): $15.49, up $1.5.
  • Premium (4K resolution, 4 simultaneous screens): $19.99, a gap of two dollars.

Looking more closely, we notice the 4K formula has almost reached 20 dollars, while the most basic subscription is eyeing around 10 dollars. And very sincerely, unless there is a big combination of circumstances, it is hard to see how the euro zone can escape it.

All we can hope for is that it doesn’t happen right away. Admittedly, between the increase in US prices in October 2020 and that suffered by French subscribers, a year and a half passed, but with the current economic situation, it is a safe bet that this lag will be more and more tenuous.

In the future, we can even expect them to harmonize prices between regions at the same time.

Obviously, Netflix is ​​aware of the stakes of such an increase, but according to market observers, they are facing market saturation and are looking for new levers to activate.

It is no coincidence that the VOD company is investing in the video game sector to broaden its field of action. For now, it’s very light, but with the power of the group, no doubt they have some ideas in mind.

As soon as the price hike was announced, Netflix shares rose immediately. At the close, the group’s stock had gained $6.49 (1.3%) to $525.69.

And you ? How far would you be willing to go to keep your subscription?

Brent Dubin
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