The actors tested the electrocution machine that Belinda gave the presenter

Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Pablo Puyol visited La Resistencia in the installment broadcast on the morning of May 24-25. The actors, who presented the film Elsewhere , surprised David Broncano with his gift.

“Did you draw me a picture?” asked the presenter. “Cantabria has incredible landscapes where we have shot the film, it eats wonderfully and we had to bring you something that had to do with Cantabria and Elsewhere , our film,” explained Muñoz, who handed Broncano a tupperware.

The communicator opened it and sniffed at it. “Holy crap. What is it?” He wanted to know. ” Well, a piece of shit, ” Puyol blurted out. Muñoz proposed giving it to the public. “No kidding, it’s real shit. Open it up and smell it, it’s hot,” Broncano told a bystander.

“In our movie there is a cow and a donkey, who are the protagonists, and we thought of bringing you something related,” explained Muñoz. “You’re crazy. Since I haven’t seen it coming… I thought it would be a sobao or something. Could it be the first time they brought us shit like that? “, assured the host of the format.

“It’s a dung from our donkey Jacinta and our two heifers. Everything has come together there,” added Miguel Ángel. “We have thought that in this program what hit the most was that ,” Pablo joked.


Last April, Belinda attended the program and gave Broncano a machine to electrocute . Broncano tested the device with the guests and, while Muñoz shouted, Puyol was calm. “Clearly you can see who is going to endure and who is not,” said the presenter.

“I swear I’m not doing theater. But you don’t notice anything?” Miguel Ángel pointed out, who was visibly uncomfortable. “Yes I notice it, but I don’t understand this roll you’re riding. It doesn’t bother me, I notice it, but it doesn’t bother me,” Pablo answered.

Munoz did not stop moving. “The beautiful thing is that you become Prince Royce , the king of bachata,” Broncano released. “It seems that you are pissing yourself,” Puyol opined. “It’s hurting me, this doesn’t have to be good,” Muñoz complained.

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