Next Wednesday, fans of pop-culture will be in awe of discovering in cinemas the new part of the Matrix saga, directed by Lana Wachowski. As always, first opinions, signed by the hand of journalists, bloggers and other critics, flood social networks. Do they all agree? Here are the first answers!

Eighteen years after its last film, the Matrix saga is about to make its comeback. If the first part is generally consensus, the two following opus have their share of admirers but also of detractors, because since its second episode the franchise has divided and it seems that Matrix Resurrections is no exception to the rule!

For now, viewers have already been able to get an idea of ​​what this fourth film could say: a first trailer plunged us back into the matrix in the company of Neo and Trinity, while the second, him, focused on the action and the reunion with a certain character.

Everything is in place for the Warner, but it is now the many opinions that will finish convincing, or not, the spectators!

A (deliberately?) Divisive film

You often have to expect a special experience when a film is signed by the Wachowski sisters. If we only find Lana behind the camera, the whole spirit of the filmmakers seems to be present in Matrix Resurrections, to such an extent that the film seems to make us forget the errors of episodes 2 and 3 which are far from having won the unanimity of the fans at the time.

However, Matrix Resurrections unfortunately cannot avoid the comparison with the original opus, which it lacks. Some blame him for his side too much “meta”, rather bad stakes and too much presence of references which made him forget to bring novelty.

But besides that, other spectators applaud the connection with the previous shutters and are particularly cheerful by what the film offers, namely an experience of every moment.

The emotional roller coaster

As for the previous episodes of The Matrix, there is no lack of qualifiers to both describe the film and put words into the impressions left by its viewing. It is therefore difficult to provide a clear and Manichean opinion on the film as it takes the viewer into a tornado of sensations, if we are to believe the first feedback.

Absurd, bizarre, romantic, funny, wildly inventive when it comes to action, gorgeous and unexpected, cohesive, innovative and conceptual, too meta and self-aware, disappointing, nostalgic, heavy, bad on some points,… Here’s what you can read through the web: the perfect cocktail to force everyone to make their own opinion.

Further still, those who appreciated the film tend to agree on one point in particular: the aspects which enabled them to be convinced by the film’s arguments are the same as those which will put off some of the spectators.

Matrix Resurrections is not the box of the decade, nor a total disappointment but a film apart which will undoubtedly fuel heated debates!

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