Little Nicolás and Omar Montes, together in Recovery Class

Little Nicolás and Omar Montes, together in Recovery Class

The fans of ‘El Internado: Las cumbres’ have been amazed when they have discovered that there are new students at the center.

Dakota from ‘Hermano Mayor’, Saray from ‘Masterchef 8 ′, Omar Montes and Francisco Nicolás himself, “little Nicolás”, have gone together to the “recovery class” taught by the former water polo player Pedro Garcia Aguado.

Some somewhat conflicting students who have sneaked into social networks to promote the successful Amazon Prime Video series, which premiered on February 19.

But don’t panic, this is just a spot. The well-known faces that star in this cast of problematic students have lent themselves to recording an ad full of winks and with a touch of fresh humor that has surprised the followers of the series, who have applauded this original idea.

I know for a fact what kind of young people you are. And I know because I was also like you” Pedro Aguado begins by saying, who plays the remedial class teacher.

Dakota launches one of her controversial and now famous phrases: “You fu–ing ghost! How do you know me?”. It is then that Saray, the most criticized contestant of the eighth edition of the reality culinary of TVE and offers his “star” dish to the teacher, a “welcome gift”.

But the real surprise of this spot It comes when Omar Montes appears who, winking at the doll that he stole from Isabel Pantoja and later gave David Broncano in ‘La Resistencia’, offers another to Aguado: “Teacher, teacher, I’ve also brought you a regalinchi. But this time I didn’t steal it from Cantora. That I’m reforming”.

At that moment the phone of another of the stellar students rings: little Nicolás. “Sorry, I have to take it. Those from above are calling me”.

A publicity masterpiece that culminates in another of Dakota’s most remembered phrases in ‘Big Brother’: “You get out of jail, you don’t get out of the Las Cumbres boarding school.

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