Lots of news, lots of posts, lots of videos have been circulating on the social networks of beauties upset with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike for having invited the beautiful influencer Kimberly Loaiza to accompany them on stage last Sunday, July 31 at one of the largest electronic music festivals there is, we are talking about Tomorrowland.

Well, for a few days, the older cutie expressed her excitement at being able to show off her impressive outfits that we are more than sure that she stole more than a few glances when wearing that short blue skirt that played with the imagination of all Internet users, As well as that full body mesh, she is certainly not only a social media icon, but also a fashion icon.

That is why the outfit that would be the one to step on the impressive stage of the music festival is a combination of black and green colors, wearing a two-piece set consisting of a short top that left the flat abdomen of Kimberly Loaiza long gloves with the same colors and black boots, like a beauty planted a flag from Belgium.

Despite the fact that the older cutie through her Instagram account was more than happy and happy that the two artists had given her the opportunity to step on such an important stage, many “red bone” followers of the interpreter of “Bye, Bye”, They affirmed that they humiliated her, because she did not sing, she did not even take the microphone to say a few words.

Even the way in which they presented Kimberly Loaiza since they mentioned her husband John of God Pantoja As if she was also going to attend but it was not that way, the influencer took the stage with a long Mexican flag, proud of her roots, of her country and as one of the verses of “Pa’ that was done”

“The Mexican arrived planting a flag”

The performance of the beautiful content creator lasted less than a minute, without singing, without appearing before the millions of people present, she dedicated herself to dancing while Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike did their thing, that action was one of the most criticized by both fans de Loaiza as well as a reason for mockery of the haters, on the other hand, she has not touched the subject, she has dedicated herself to uploading stories of her impressive looks and showing gratitude, for which she suggests that perhaps that was the agreed situation.

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