Karol G provokes a revolution of the “bichotes” at the Madrid Fan Event

Karol G provokes a revolution of the “bichotes” at the Madrid Fan Event

Karl G. It has become the great protagonist of digital platforms in recent days. The release of his album tomorrow will be beautiful She’s been on the cover of all the media, and with her new repertoire, she’s shared with her millions of fans the rollercoaster of emotions that this last stage of her life has meant for her.

He spoke of her precisely in the Fan Event who played this Tuesday, February 28 at the Albéniz Theater of the UMusic Hotel in Madrid. An event that LOS40 did not miss and which was presented by our presenter Cris Regatero.

Dozens of lucky winners of our contest were able to enjoy the laughter and voice of their favorite artist live. And the icing on the cake, she got on the stage of the theater to answer her questions, which undoubtedly succeeded in bringing her even closer to all those who support her.

With a smile from ear to ear, a black leather jacket, a shiny skirt and high boots – also black – the Bichota appeared amid shouts and much emotion. Although the palpable nerves in the surroundings are not just from her audience, but also from Karol G herself, who confessed to Cris that she is particularly thrilled to be in front of some of her most loyal Spanish fans.

The event started with the Colombian’s answers to some questions from her fans. What advice would you give to a bichota when it’s already morning and it’s not pretty? She is clear: if tomorrow isn’t pretty, it will be tomorrow. But the sun always rises and in my own experience it takes patience from anyone who is about to throw in the towel at a difficult time in their lives.

The tragedy with Rihanna that ended in a dream

Another anecdote he wanted to share with his fans is the one he lived with Rihanna after his performance at this year’s Super Bowl. Karol booked a suite so as not to miss the break from this sporting event, but when he arrived at the hotel he was surprised that he had been allocated a room on the other side of the stadium, he could not therefore not realize his dream.

Rihanna’s manager discovered the situation and invited her and another person to the entertainer’s family suite. Ojiplática accepted and was able to enjoy the artist’s musical show live with the people who love him the most. But that’s not all.

On the way to the airport, Karol G’s manager called her to ask her to turn around, since Rihanna wanted to meet her. A dream come true! Thus, the Colombian returned in the sequel to share the moment so fun and full of complicity that we could all see on the networks.

After this anecdote, interacting with some of his fans and feasting on a fragment of Best friends and another from THQ, that of Medellín has shown that the love he has for Spain is infinite. And vice versa.

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