Let the girls come to Marvel

Julia Roberts play activist Harriet Tubman: Let the girls come to Marvel

In the mid-1990s, a Hollywood producer suggested that Julia Roberts play activist Harriet Tubman. She was a winning combination: an American icon and the highest-grossing actress. There was only one drawback, Tubman was black, a trifle that she tried to settle with a “so long ago that no one remembers.” she may even have considered her to be moderate in her claims, asking why she couldn’t play her as Brad Pitt with Bo Derek Fulani pigtails: Harry Tubman. Hollywood has never had any problem telling stories about other races as long as they are played by whites and, if possible, by men.

They know their audience. The insults received by Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran for their, according to the highly toxic fandom galactic, excessive role in the new trilogy of Star Wars. Women in space who are not just an erotic solace to Barbarella? And also flanked by a black and a Guatemalan. Is it the galaxy of George Lucas or that of Carmen Sarmiento?

Now his ears are ringing again Ms. Marvel, who finds it ugly to be Muslim, although no one has complained that Superman is Methodist or Wolverine Presbyterian —I know these absurd data thanks to The Osservatore Romano oblivious to the excesses of the curia, but not to the zeitgeist—. Also that she is “an unbearable teenager”, it is nothing more than the Spiderman by Tom Holland, and I can’t even imagine Tony Stark at the age of the turkey.

What really bothers is that the protagonist is a woman. And worse, Pakistani. Those who condemned it before it was broadcast did not do so because of its quality, but because of its origin and gender. They have a lot of quinine left to swallow, in weeks the Hulka Lawyer will arrive and neither will Brad Pitt interpret it.

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