It’s no secret that there is some rivalry between Marvel and DC, with their respective fans arguing over which company offers the better characters, stories and movies. James Gunn, CEO of DC Studios, wants to change this narrative and for superhero enthusiasts to enjoy both universes equally.

During an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment (via Games Radar), the creative stated that there is no hatred between Marvel and DC, so he invited the community to enjoy everything both companies have to offer. He also pointed out that their relationship is good, as it always encourages competition to offer better things to fans.

James Gunn sends a message to Marvel and DC fans.

“People have this strange belief that Marvel and DC hate each other or that they are somehow polar opposites. But that’s not the truth,” the creative stated before speaking in greater depth about the companies’ relationship.

From his perspective, Marvel and DC’s goal is the same: to make great movies for people to have a good time. He noted that there is no hatred between the companies, but there is competition, which in the end is good for everyone as it makes their productions seek to be better and better.

“Our work is the same. We want people to go to theaters to see movies. That’s what’s important. And I think we work together to do that. And the better the Marvel movies are, the better it’s going to be for the DC movies. The better the DC movies are, the better it’s going to be for the Marvel movies,” Gunn said.

While this competitive side is important, Gunn believes that in the end there is no single winner. “There can be 2 winners because what’s important is who’s going to see your movies and who enjoys them,” the creative concluded.

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