Grupo Firme: The Mexican group presumes its visit to the White House

Grupo Firme: The Mexican group presumes its visit to the White House

Firm Group is one of the most successful regional music groups of recent times, proof of this is not only the hundreds of dates that have sold out throughout the Mexican Republic, but also the stadiums that fill around the world and the love they have earned from their foreign audience.

Now, the band has reached one of the most important places in the USA, where they are doing an extensive tour, nothing more and nothing less than the White House; the home of the president of that country.

Eduin Caz leader of the group, and the rest of his companions toured the place as a great privilege, as they themselves called it through social networks: “Present with Latino power and Mexican pride. From the White House to the world” Caz wrote at the bottom of a series of photographs where they appear in different settings of the impressive venue. But that was not all, the musicians literally went to the kitchen where they met several countrymen and took the opportunity to delight them with a mini live concert, while the lucky ones recorded the moment.

Eduin, also published some videos aimed at thank you for all the love you have received and recognize that they would not have gotten to where they are, were it not for their fans.

“I know and I am very aware that many people do not love us and as it is, the success that thank God we have will bother them; but I also know that there are people who defend us tooth and nail, so I just want to thank you for being here,” the leader said in his stories.

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